Biking to Vianen

Our friend Matthew Danish came for a few days. Yesterday we went on our longest bike ride to date – Thirty-five miles. IMG_3848

I knew nothing about Vianen until we approached it. Wow!


The gate was even more impressive from the other side.


We found a cafe that had sandwiches on the best dark bread with a crunchy crust. I had a mango chutney and old Dutch cheese,with lots of greens. So simple and delicious.


Biking is a social activity. Every one biking with a friend rides side by side chatting.


The day wasn’t too hot but we saw lots of people biking with their swimsuits. We were amused to see this girl carrying her float.


Always lots of outside dining. Removing cars makes this street a pleasure to  sit beside.

photo2Sculptures, murals here and there everywhere we go.


The Town hall


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