About us

About us – Paul and I, (Rebecca) moved in 2017, from Massachusetts to Utrecht, the most bicycle-friendly city in the world. We bought a typical Dutch worker’s house built in 1895 which we renovated in 2018.   We live on a Woonerf (Playstreet/Living Street) in the Wittevrouwen District of Utrecht, just outside the historic Utrecht Center, and the Museum District.  See this video about our street – http://www.streetfilms.org/life-on-a-dutch-woonerf-living-street/ People in our neighborhood enjoy sitting outside, chatting with their neighbors, while the neighborhood children play in streets free from car traffic. From the garden of our house, we regularly hear church bells. The hum of cars in the distance is never heard. It is peaceful and quiet at night, perfect for sleeping. Paul, a bike mechanic, has begun a business, Bike Repairman, repairing bicycles at our house.

Our friend Matthew Danish, who lives in Cambridge, England,  wrote this article about us for a British bicycle advocacy magazine, Camcycle .


Our street is a designated Play Street, (one way except for bicycles).


A street safe enough for small children to play ball.
Paul at the doorway of our home.




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