Well-maintained bicycles may be borrowed from us for free by our guests.  We are purchasing a three-wheeler tandem so guests who do not know how to ride a bicycle can join us on our bike rides.  The tandem we are buying is a specialty bike built by Van Raam, a Dutch company that makes quality bikes for people who need extra assistance when biking. To defray our cost of purchasing the tandem, there will be a charge of 15 euros a day for its use. Please inquire before your arrival  about availability of bikes and the tandem. We have WiFi. We are television-free. For kids and adults we have board games, puzzles, art supplies, Playmobil, Brio trains, Tente, classic games, playing cards, chess, checkers, Dominoes, Chain Reaction Tiles, Rubiks Cube, Jacks, Marbles, Juggling sacs, cats cradle, brain teaser puzzles, Spalding bouncy-ball, jump rope, View Master with slides, antique Stereoptican and slides, toddler threading toys and puzzles, dolls, play silks and books for children and adults. You are welcome to use the large dining table on our ground floor or sit outside in our garden for games.and puzzles. We have a washing machine, though no dryer. We do have a drying rack for drying clothes in your room.  We have an iron and ironing board.



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