Bike Adventures

Join our bicycling adventures in the Netherlands exploring Utrecht, the city and the province. Our guests describe our rides as beautiful, gorgeous and awesome.

Choose to stay at Bike Inn Utrecht, our boutique guest house, in a popular neighborhood next to the historic city center of Utrecht or at nearby suggested hotels.

We explore, at a slow pace, the countryside and the city. In the open countryside, we pass by red-tiled and thatched-roofed farmhouses and barns, polders, windmills, waterline defense-system forts, castles, many kinds of waterbirds, stork nests, sheep, horses, cows, goats, fields of heather, and flowering landscapes. We follow bike paths through the forest, past majestic trees.  Throughout the countryside, are benches and picnic tables to enjoy a snack.  We roam through the beautiful historic city of Utrecht, on small streets beside canals, down tiny alleyways to hidden green spaces. We stop for coffee, a beer or a meal at restaurants along the route.  Every ride is custom made to suit your interests.

Interested in bike infrastructure? We will show you why Utrecht is considered by Dutch people to be the number one city in the Netherlands for bicycling.

Do you love high-speed biking? There are many high-speed cyclists out on the countryside paths. After you arrive, we can look at a map together and help you make a plan on where to bike.

Rates -The cost for a bicycle adventure is paying for our refreshments while on the rides. There is no additional cost.

The first dinner in Utrecht after a ride is Dutch treat. We each pay our share. The second dinner and subsequent dinners after a ride can either be in a restaurant, without us, or if you would like, you can pay for both Paul and Rebecca, or a home-cooked meal at our house that we shop for and prepare for together, splitting the costs.

Bicycles – Let us know beforehand what you need. We have a range of bikes that we will lend for free. If you need to rent a bike, we can make suggestions on where to go.

Children are welcome on our rides. We do not have any children’s bicycles to lend.




Riding through the countryside around Utrecht.


Benches and picnic tables are scattered here and there along country biking paths.



Seen while on our bike ride through the countryside around Utrecht.


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