Bike Rides

Bike Rides – Our favorite activity is to explore the city and the countryside on our bicycles. We invite you to come along on our rides, described by our guests as beautiful, gorgeous and awesome. We have bicycles to lend.

Riding through the countryside around Utrecht.

It is not a requirement to stay in our guest house to come on our bike rides.  if you prefer a hotel we can offer advice on which one to choose. If you have children or are a child at heart, we have bike rides to several fun playgrounds. On our bike rides we like to stop at one of many wonderful restaurants that we have discovered far off the beaten tourist track. In the meadows and woods we ride through, are benches and picnic tables to stop at to enjoy a snack, have a drink and to commune with nature.

Benches and picnic tables are scattered here and there along country biking paths.
Seen while on our bike ride through the countryside around Utrecht.


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