Our Guest House

At Bike Inn Utrecht we provide quality, simple products – linen sheets, linen towels, linen blankets, comfortable beds, organic & natural foods, and bath products.  Our small street is free of the noise of auto traffic.

The ground floor. The dining area is off to the right.


Breakfast and kitchen privileges

Breakfast, coffee, and tea are included in the price of staying at our guest house.

Our kitchen may be used to make a meal with prior permission. Our refrigerator is tiny so we can not refrigerate food for our guests.

Breakfast choices may include muesli, granola, cold cereal, oatmeal, organic yogurt, organic milk, almond milk, fresh fruit, organic eggs, toast, rolls, croissants, cheese, organic butter, honey, jam, Dutch chocolate sprinkles,(Hagelslag), chocolate spread, almond butter, peanut butter,  freshly squeezed orange juice, Nespresso coffee, various teas, and cocoa.


The bedrooms – We rent two of our three bedrooms.  Each room has a double bed made by an old Dutch company, Auping, (1888). Linen top-sheet, (top-sheets are not typically used here). Cotton bottom sheet, linen blanket, extra blankets, a Primaloft® comforter with allergy-proof encasing for cold days, four pillows (firm and soft), linen pillowcases, extra-large linen bath towels, linen face cloths, blow dryer, and tissues.

The first floor, (second for Americans), West Bedroom overlooks the gardens and the tile roofs of our neighbors’ houses.

The Southwest bedroom on first floor.
Bedside chocolates from a local chocolate store.
The Southwest bedroom on first floor.

The Zolder (attic) Bedroom has skylights that easily open. The Domtoren (the landmark cathedral tower of Utrecht) and the setting sun and moon can be seen from the West skylight. From the two skylights on the East side of the Zolder Bedroom, you can see the rising sun and moon.  We have cushions that can be placed on the floor for two children to sleep on in the Zolder Bedroom. We have a Baby Bjorn bed for tiny children.
The Zolder Bedroom has a sink.

The Zolder Bedroom, East-facing windows open. In the clear boxes are board games, puzzles, art supplies, Playmobil, Brio trains, Tente, classic games, playing cards, chess, checkers, Dominoes, Chain Reaction Tiles, Rubiks Cube, Jacks, Marbles, Juggling sacs, cats cradle, brain teaser puzzles, Spalding bouncy-ball, jump rope, View-Master with slides, antique Stereoptican and slides, toddler threading toys and puzzles, dolls, and play silks.
The Domtoren can be seen from the open window.

On the first floor is a shared bathroom with a detachable shower-head and a bidet toilet.  In the bathroom, there is organic shampoo, conditioner, and liquid shower soap for guests. There is also a toilet on the ground floor.



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